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In order to succeed in a web marketing project or a web project, it is important to always start with a mini audit of its online visibility. Our experts will analyze different elements such as your website, your presence on social networks, blogs … If you have already made media purchases, we will check their configuration and determine if they meet your goals. We will also study your Web Analytics measurement tools.

This step is important: it allows you to get the relevant information to make the right decisions.

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Stratégies webmarketing par I Conversion Montréal

A web strategy will allow you to identify the target clients to reach throughout your campaigns, the most favorable periods to invest, the most relevant media to use, The preferred media(s) and the best way to use them.

The web marketing strategy will also make it possible to clearly identify the objectives to be achieved, the elements to be measured and the frequency of activity reports at the beginning of the campaign in order to help you make the investment decisions which will have the most concrete impact.

The strategy will often be accompanied by an operational marketing plan. So we can help you improve the user experience on your pages and optimize the client experience on your website.


We initially provide a service to upload your webmarketing campaigns, which can include Adwords, Bing, Double Click, Facebook ads, programmatic banner buying, programmatic video buying, Instagram, Linkedin …

Then we engage to optimize your campaigns on a weekly basis with our scripts that enable us to generate a high level of quality, including budget management, assurance that websites are online and ensuring that There is no Error 500.

Finally, we stand constantly informed of the latest news related to the different platforms to always offer the most innovative solutions, best suited to your area of expertise and your specific challenges.

Subcontracting your web marketing campaigns, will help you increase your productivity. How? You rely on specialists who know their sector will allow you to focus on tasks directly related to your business and decision making.

Mise en ligne de campagnes webmarketing par I Conversion Montréal
Mesures de performances SEO Google Ads par I Conversion Montréal

Our Analytics service allows SMEs to effectively measure the performance of different web investments that were made (SEO, media, press relations, etc. …).

These performances are clearly represented in a graphical and simplified way in a report of which we can determine the frequency: monthly, weekly or in real time.
In addition, we can set up for you a very effective tracking to accurately measure the number of downloads made, of past phone calls, filled out forms, video playback or downloaded applications, to give you a detailed view of Web habits of your clients and their preferences.


Today, the web audience of an SME is a crucial element of its development and it is no longer possible to be content with a name, a first name and a telephone number. These data are now supplemented with cookies and visitor profiles. We can bring together your clients with the solutions offered by advertising platforms.


The media buying can also be associated with marketplaces. Indeed, a marketplace brings together the products of several sellers on the same site and gives everyone the possibility to quickly distribute the products on the site using a stream. We generate a catalog in the form of a product feed, we categorize all the products, we take into account your stocks, then send it all to the platforms: Google Shopping, Facebook products, Amazon etc … We can also make the bridge between CRM (Mageto, Prestashop …) and advertising platforms.


You manage advertising campaigns and you want to switch to a whole new level of performance?
Automation will allow you to partly release yourself from repetitive tasks such as reporting, keyword uploading, or competitive bidding. On the other hand, automation offers the possibility of connecting your platforms to external sources of data in order to launch campaigns according to specific events such as weather changes, stock market fluctuations, changes in pollen levels in the air, sports results ….

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